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If WDB was anime...

Recently, I have a strange addiction to certain song. It's Gackt's first single, 'Mizerable'. And even though its reference to the musical 'Les Misérables' is pretty obvious, the song reminds me of Where Dreams Begin's story. The sound of the violin, the wonderful voice of Gackt, the rythm of the song, all that makes me wonder how it would be if 'Where Dreams Begin' was anime... I think I would choose this song as its first opening theme.

So I uploaded 'Mizerable' to my web server so that you could hear it. The lyrics are here, by the way.


Yes, I know it is not the best song in the world, but I love it! Any song like this with a violin playing such a role is good to me, because I have always loved that instrument. Even though I was never able to play it.
Deirdre, one of our main characters, will feel that same strange love for the violin. You'll know more about her in chapter one.

So what do you think? Comments are always appreciated.


posted by Arwym Starlight @ June 29th, 2007, 9:58 am   0 Comments