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Recommended Comics

These are the comics I read in my free time. It's mostly manga.
I love shoujo and shonen alike, but lately, I have been obsessed with stories about young heroines with hot bishounens as faithful servants; or just love stories with humour and interesting characters. Add the boys with long hair and dark clothes, and it's magic! However, not all the comics listed here are about that.

Circle Arcadia: Knights of the Goddess - One of my top, top favorite comics on the web.  Inspired by Greek Mythology, this is a very original story, and one of the first webcomics I ever read.

BaRa - Awesome demon fighting and mystery; with serious heroines, gargoyles that turn into pretty boys, and cute high schoolers.

Waxwing - A very promising and professional-looking manga story of fantasy, magic, action and a variety of cute, cool and interesting characters. You'll feel inside an RPG!

EarS? - One VERY original story. As the author says, lots of love-romance-cuddling. And I add: cute smexy bishounen! You'll love Vin.

The Ebony Prince - This is the tale of a hot, wicked prince who lived in a dark castle, inside a gloomy forest; was obsessed with the color black, and didn't seem to have a heart.

Alternate - Skye is our anti-social, genius-wannabe character; yet, he's got to learn many things. A story of friendship with a great sense of humour and a unique style!

Count Spades - One of the most promising, most impressive and original manga series I have ever read!  The characters are very unique, very easy to fall in love with. There is a lot of humour and action!  Action, action!


Links to websites of good artists; those I like and whose art I truly enjoy. This is the least they deserve for their efforts!

Studio Nozmo - Website of Nozmo, the wonderful author of the comics Alternate and The Ebony Prince. Her style is truly amazing, clean and clever!

Shards of Light - Website of Emily Faerber, illustrator and writer. She draws in a really pretty manga style, and colors her pictures in a way I envy.